Privacy Policy


Annahid Games is committed to providing an entertaining and fun experience. This privacy statement (“Privacy Policy”) explains how information is collected and utilized by Annahid Games. This Privacy Policy applies to Annahid Games website, android apps, and all other services provided by Annahid Games. In case of any concerns about privacy in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at

This document will be updated in case of any change in our policy. It is recommended that you review it periodically to ensure it suits your privacy expectations at any time.

Last Updated: 11-02-2014

What personal information do we collect?

Personal information in this context is defined as the information that can personally identify you, or information hosted by social networking websites. By using our services, we will have access to your full name and email address through services provided by Google Play. Statistical information might be collected by the services we use in our products. We will talk about those services later in this document.

Other information might be accessed by our services by our services depending the type of service:

  • your profile information,
  • list of social networking friends,
  • your photos and videos.

How do we use your personal information?

Your name and email address might be used to contact you to inform you of new services and to give you support for our products. If you opt out of our newsletter emails by contacting us, you will no longer receive any emails in that regard.

We might use your email address to remember you in some of our applications, for keeping your preferences, scores, or other material specific to those applications for you. Our products use this information only when they offer an online functionality. Should this be the case, your information is kept in a secure server and will never be directly queried or displayed to the public in any context. We DO NOT hold any information other than what we need.

Your social networking data, including friends lists, photos, and profile information will not be stored in our servers unless clearly stated in the application and only with your consent. We otherwise utilize your social networking information on a transient basis, only to provide services we have to offer. We will not share or publish this information unless with your consent or if we are legally required to.


In our Android apps, Facebook apps, or any other products that request access to information, features, or files, these assets are used in the core functionality of the product. We do not ask for more permissions than we need and all permission requests are traceable to their corresponding in-product functionality.


We use Google AdMob to put advertisements in our apps. Please take a look at AdMob privacy policy, before reading the rest of this section:

We are totally blind to information collected by AdMob, such as location information, and this information is only used by Google. Internet access permission which is required by some of our apps is mainly for the purpose of advertisement as it is required by those services. However, we are NOT committed to use internet connection only for this purpose.

Advertisements from AdMob are only to be placed on our free applications, and we are committed not to place ads for any third-party products on our paid services. Failure to purchase our paid services from the right channels (Google Play, Amazon AppStore) may also result in denial of service and the display of advertisements. However, house ads (announcement of our own products) and links to our own services might be included in our paid services.