Bomb Squad


Today I am going to write about our game Bomb Squad, which is an arcade story-based game, mixed with a taste of puzzles. The graphics and the game-play are designed in a way that makes it easy for players to understand and play the game.

Bomb Squad Screenshot


The game-play in Bomb Squad is similar to that of the classic bomber-man game. You can move only in four directions (north, south, east, west), and cans top only in the center of each block of land. Otherwise your character will keep moving until it reaches the point it can stop. You can place a bomb where you are standing and then the bomb will explode after a period of time.

The controls are very simple. To move your character, you put your finger somewhere on the screen and slide it slightly to the direction of movement. The character will start to move as long as you are touching the screen. You can change the direction by moving your hand on the screen. In this case, the first point you touched is the reference to determine the movement direction.

There are two buttons on the right panel. One is a bomb, which you can use to place a bomb under your feet. After placing a bomb you should run away, as you do in bomber-man. The other button is the action button. If you get some action items, you can use this button to trigger those actions. Actions can be healing yourself, disarming a bomb, etc. The game supports multi-touch. So you can place a bomb and trigger an action as you are moving, for example.


The game has 36 levels. In each level your goal is to find timed bombs planted in the level, and disarm them. Failing to disarm all the bombs before they explode loses you the level. It is usually not easy to find all the bombs, as levels are usually a puzzle themselves. Levels are not fully revealed at the beginning, and you should explore and find your way. Some levels are designed like labyrinths with lots of possible paths, while others are stuffed with enemies, or other features (gas chambers, teleports, etc), which make it difficult to explore them.

The last level in each cluster is a “boss” level. These levels usually don’t involve disarming bombs. Instead, you should fight a strong enemy called a “boss”. Bosses have a huge number of health points and die very slowly. You should have patience, skill, and reaction speed to kill them. Different bosses have different abilities, and their abilities become harder to overcome as you go further in the game.


As you destroy wall blocks, some items are revealed. There are three diffecent kinds of items. Some items are called “good” items. These items make your character stronger, for example giving you more speed, more bomb slots, etc. Others are called “bad” items. These items impair your game-play if you eat them. Examples are reverse movement, or clumsiness (dropping bombs unwillingly). Good items are colored in blue and bad items are red colored.

A third kind of item is also there, which is called a “trigger”. Triggers or action items are items that can be used using the action button. They are colored in green. Examples of such items are bomb trigger, bomb defusal, and healing. Some triggers get consumed when you use them, while others are permanent. The other important fact about triggers is that you can only have one at a time. Once you eat a new trigger, it replaces the previous one. So you should plan your triggers to be able to complete levels.


Below is a list of all bosses in the game. We have recently started to post about different bosses in this game. You can read the corresponding articles by clicking on the names:


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