Updated Trio

During the past couple of months, the game Hungry Slimes has received various updates and has improved, thanks to the feedback from our users. Just recently we sent an update or two for the other game Bomb Squad, and for the simple sensor testing app, Sensible. These updates mainly focused on bringing all the three siblings to use a uniform graphics and game engine. A game engine that has been under development for almost a year now.

What is going to happen next week though is something that has never happened ever since we launched Sensible for the first time. This time, instead of updating just an individual game, we have revolutionized the underlying game engine. The game engine now supports high definition graphics. And this can be beyond HD. Graphics elements for all three apps have been updated to scalable versions. As a result, the image seen on HD devices (and devices such as Nexus 10 which are beyond HD resolution) is as crisp as the image seen on smaller devices. As a side-effect, the file size for the games has also decreased.

Beside these changes, we have revised all three applications, looked for possible bugs, fixed glitches and improved performance. The engine has also been revised and tidied up. The games now fly on our devices. They are undergoing final tests and as soon as this is done, they will be uploaded and you can enjoy the clear and crisp graphics on any tablet or phone.

Update – 15/1/2013: The updates have been launched! Please use the following links to download the apps from Google Play:

We have also gone back to the name Sensible for our sensor testing app. It has been named Sensible Sensors for a long time, due to marketing decisions. But it was about time to switch back to its original name.