Star Hunt Mode

In the next few days a new update will be available for Hungry Slimes. This update is somehow different from the previous few. While in the recent updates, the focus was mainly on appearance, version 1.9 will come with something different!

What will change?

Before we get into details, let’s overview the changes that will be made for previous features:

  • Scores will be scaled to double. Every score you would get before in the game will weight twice as high by the coming of version 1.5. The same strategy that earned you 2000 score before, will now earn you 4000 score. Keep in mind that slime points still have the same weight and this change has only be made to the scores. You will shortly know the reason behind this.
  • Time Challenge mode will be unlocked for everyone. You no longer need to collect slime points and spend them to unlock Time Challenge mode. For those who find the Survival Mode frustrating and even too frustrating to get to earn the more relaxed Time Challenge mode, here is a chance to put the Survival Mode aside and enjoy playing the game.
  • Those who have already unlocked Time Challenge do not have to worry. Their unlock token will be transferred to a more exciting game mode which will come along with version 1.9. A new game mode called Star Hunt mode will be added to Hungry Slimes, which has a different game mechanic than the other two, but will still run over the same set of levels.
  • A new achievement will be added to the game corresponding to Star Hunt mode.
  • Game will be faster and more reliable than ever. Close investigation has been placed upon the performance of the game and new techniques have been used to boost the speed. A few bugs have also been reported by our customers and addressed in this version.

What is Star Hunt?

It is a new game mode added in version 1.9 to give a choice of a new gaming experience for current players.

Star Hunt Mode

The mechanics of Star Hunt is different in a few ways than other game modes. If you are have played the other two game modes, you know that:

  • In Survival mode your objective is to kill as many slimes as you can without letting the slimes pass the bottom line. Once you let two many slimes (4 or 6) pass the bottom line, you lose the game.
  • In Time Challenge Mode, your objective is to get as much score as you can, before the given time (10 or 12 minutes) is up. You can boost or time or get time penalties through your actions, but what matters is that once the time is up, you lose.
Mixing the idea behind the two other game modes, we came up with Star Hunt. In the new game mode, your objective is not to let the slimes pass the bottom line. That’s somehow like Survival Mode! But this is not the end! You should also earn something to be able to proceed. Even if you don’t let any slimes pass like you do in Survival Mode, after a few levels you will lose. Why?
Star Hunt Screenshot

The answer lies in the mechanics of this game mode. Stars are what you play with here. When you start Star Hunt, you have 10 stars. Each level change takes 2 stars from you. So a perfect player of Survival mode will basically lose at level 6. In order to continue playing, you must earn stars.

Each time you kill multiple slimes (even two of them), stars will float around the explosion point. In order to acquire the stars you need to hit them. Stars are playful like Spheroids. They move around restlessly which makes it a challenge to catch them. They also disappear when the level changes. So you have a very short time to capture enough stars to get to the next level. Earning two stars at each level is enough, provided you don’t let any slimes pass. If you think you can’t do that, you should save some stars for your mistakes.

As you can see, the challenge in Star Hunt mode goes beyond killing the slimes. You must also constantly think of earning stars. It is considered an advanced game mode. If I was asked to rate the game modes based on difficulty, I would suggest Time Challenge (Easy), Survival Mode (Normal), and Star Hunt (Hard). You may find Star Hunt almost impossible without any perks. Because killing multiple slimes is a must! But if you have a powerful perk like Power, you should be able to play a good amount of levels without losing.

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