Give Me a Kiss!



Give Me a Kiss! is a social game, but not in the sense that first comes to mind by hearing these words. We have tried to publish a game that brings people together in the real world. How? Simply because people have to play together on the same device!

The plot of the game is about four completely different men who, for some reason, happen to fall in love with the same girl, Grace. In a normal world, Grace would have had only one choice among the four, and the others would just slip away. But our Grace is kind of interested in all four and doesn’t know whom to choose. That’s where the battle begins! The guys try to fix her mind towards themselves.

The game is designed for tablets and is best played on them because of the bigger size. However, any phone with android version 3 (Honeycomb) or higher completely supports the game as well. In fact, I have always played in on my phone.


The game is basically a reaction-time challenge. It can be played by two up to four players. There is also the possibility for characters to play by themselves (or in other words, by the AI). However, at least one character should be controlled by a human player.

The game cannot be simpler than what it is! Each player has a single button, and they should press the button when they want to make a move! The challenge here is the timing. The button should be pressed when three arrows are circling around Grace’s head. If players call too early, they lose their move for some time (or until another player makes a move). Also, the player that presses the button before the others each turn will be the only one noticed by Grace.

Each time a player catches Grace’s attention, she turns toward them and walks forward. When she is close enough, the button face changes to “lips”. This means that players can take their chances to kiss Grace on the cheek. This is a bit cheeky though, because maybe they are not enough appealing to her, and receive a slap in the face as a result! How should they know? By simply looking at the percentage above their button.

You can see a more detailed description of the gameplay here.

Game Modes

There are currently two game modes for this game:

  • Frenzy Mode: This is a single player mode in which you have a fixed initial time to play. Each point gives you a time bonus, and your goal is to play as long as you can. The scores for this mode are saved on an online leaderboard.
  • Normal Duel: In this mode, the scores rule! The winning score is set before starting the game, and the player who reaches the winning score first will be the winner.
  • Timed Duel: In this mode, the time rules! The duration of the game is set before the start. When the time is up, the player or players with the highest scores will be the winner.


If you wish to download the game on your tablet or phone, please follow this link:

Get it on Google Play


All effort has been done to make a simple and intuitive game. However, in case you have any doubts, here is a complete guide for the game, covering everything:

Give Me a Kiss! User Guide