Give Me a Kiss! User Guide

Give Me a Kiss

Welcome to the world of Grace, the confused girl! You can use this page as a guide for the game “Give Me a Kiss!”


The game-play is as simple as humanly possible. Each Player has one and only one button. The button normally has a white arrow on it, pointed outside the device. The players should sit around the device in a way that their corresponding button arrows point at them. The reason for the arrow however is not this, and it is more about the function it has: bringing Grace towards the player.

When the game starts, each player is standing right in front of their panel, and Grace is standing in the middle of the screen. After tapping the BLACK start button, the game officially starts. Players can press the buttons right from the beginning. But they should wait for the three WHITE arrows to spawn around Grace. The WHITE arrows keep circling her until someone presses the button. When it happens, the arrows disappear and Grace walks towards the one who did it.

As it is physically not possible that all players press at the exact same millisecond, one player has to press first. That player will win the move and Grace will pick her. Other buttons will have no effect for that move. The next move should be performed when the arrows start circling around her again. That is the only time that the buttons work without any consequences.

So, what consequences am I talking about? Simply losing your chance. A premature push of the button will cause you lose your button. If you press long before the arrows appear or soon after they disappear, it’s not good and you have to wait for your button to appear again. So, timing is almost everything in this game.

Kissing and Odds

When Grace is close enough, your button face changes to “lips” instead of the arrow. This means that you can try to kiss her. A successful kiss gives you one score, and each score takes you closer to winning the game.

In the end of the previous section, I mentioned that timing is ALMOST everything. This is because there is one more factor involved. And that’s appeal. Grace doesn’t let everyone kiss her. To kiss Grace, you must be trying. If a player doesn’t manage to catch her attention for a long time, he simply loses appeal. When a player with low appeal tries to kiss Grace, they are most likely to be slapped in the face instead.

To know how likely it is for your kissing attempt to be successful, you should look at the percentage above your button. Those are called “odds” in the game. If odds are 100%, you must go for it. If it is way below (especially if it is 0), you must not! There is always a risk when attempting with odds less than 100%.

The game mechanics are designed to support active playing. If all players actively play and the game is balanced, odds never betray anyone and no one gets slapped. But an imbalanced game causes odds to drop for less skilled or lazier players.

Odds are reset after each successful kiss. Odds have little memory, and restored soon after the player becomes active again. In a two-player game, odds are always 100% by the time Grace is on your side. So you won’t have to worry.

Player Selection

Give Me a Kiss

This screen is where you choose how many players and how they play. You can change the characters’ role in the game by simply tapping their faces. A “forbidden” circle on a character’s face means he will not be playing. An “AUTO” label means that he is played by the computer. A face with nothing on top of it means the character is played by a human player. You can change between these three by tapping. But you should remember that at least two players should be playing and at least one of them should be human. The game doesn’t allow you to break this rule in this screen.

When you are done, you can move on by pressing the green button with the play triangle.

Game Modes

There are two game modes in Give Me a Kiss! Game mode and settings are selected right after the player selection screen. The mechanics are the same for both:

  • Normal Mode: In this mode, the criteria for winning the game is achieving a certain score. The winning number of points can be selected when choosing this game mode. The first player who reaches the winning points will be the winner.
  • Time Challenge: This mode is played against time. The game duration is selected along with this game mode. When the game starts, you can a timer on the flower-box on your side (see the first picture in this article). When the time is up, the player with the most points will be the winner. Because of the nature of this game, there might be two winners. In this case the winner’s badge is only shown for the first winning character in the alphabetical order of their names (Francesco, Javier, Pierre, Richard).
  • Frenzy Mode: This is a single player mode. You have a limited amount of time to play. There is no score involved, but each time you kiss Grace, you will get some time bonus. The challenge is to survive as long as you can, and the time record indicates how stubborn a lover you are!

That’s about it! Simple isn’t it? Have lots of fun and don’t forget to rate if you like the game.


If you wish to download the game on your tablet or phone, please follow this link:

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