Hungry Slimes

In this post I want to talk about our hottest game, Hungry Slimes. This game is basically a time puzzle game.


The game-play is quite straightforward. What you have to do is to stretch a “slime” down and release it. The slime is charged, and will explode after a short period of time (1 – 1.25 sec).

When your slime explodes, it will cause a shock-wave. Any slime within a short range of the wave will explode, and those further away will be just moved by the shock-wave. Your mission is to blast all the slimes falling down the screen and not to let them pass the bottom-line.

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The first few levels will go with normal slimes, and “shielded” slimes. Until eventually the “Hungry Slimes” show up! These slimes are constantly chewing, and if they collide with other unshielded slimes, they will eat them and become bigger. The bigger the hungry slimes get, the heavier they become, and the faster they fall down. So, if you want to really have control, you don’t want to let them become too big. So you should try not to move them around too much.

We give you enough levels to let you get used to slimes, shielded slimes, hungry slimes, and shielded hungry slimes. Oh, By the way! Shielded hungry slimes cannot be eaten by other hungry slimes, but can eat them. And like other shielded slimes, you should first break the shield and then  blast them. Anyway! After you get used to these features, we introduce new features to the game, such as barriers and wind. We keep the list of these features secret for now, and let you enjoy the game and discover yourself.

Game Modes

There are two game modes in Hungry Slimes:

  • Survival Mode: This is the toughest. You have 4 fault points (6 if you get the achievement). Each time a slime touches the bottom (not your slime of course), you lose one fault point. When you lose all your fault points, the next slime will make you lose the game. So you should really be careful.
  • Time Challenge: Unlike its name, it is a more relaxed version of the game. It involves the same levels. But the penalty is less here. You have a fixed amount of time (typically 10 minutes) to go as far as you can. Each slime that touches the bottom will lose you 5 seconds. This is an easy mode to earn score and explore the levels, but of course survival mode scores are more valuable. Each mode has its own leader board.

Achievements and Rewards

Another interesting feature of the game is “Achievements and Rewards”. Achievements are tough accomplishments in the game. For example blowing 5 or 8 slimes with one blast is an achievement. Or reaching level 20 without letting any slimes pass is an achievement. Some achievements are so hard to get, that there is a reward assigned to them. These rewards help you easy your way through higher levels and scores. They range from additional time or fault points to skipping levels.


If you want to download the game on your phone/tablet, follow this link:

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In case you have any doubts on how the game works, we have recently published a complete user guide for the game which covers everything. We will constantly update this guide so it covers the new features added to the game. Please follow the link below:

Hungry Slimes User Guide


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