Hungry Slimes – Version 1.0.8 Change Log

Lately we have been a bit slow on updating Hungry Slimes for Android, as we are working on the iPhone version (and possibly Windows Phone). But this doesn’t mean that we have abandoned our original version. To prove this, we have released a new minor update to Hungry Slimes for Android, fixing a few known bugs that have been there for a while. We have also created a new feature video, focusing on the game-play, and replaced the last one, which was a mere funny piece of animation. You can watch the video here:


The changes in version 1.0.8 are as follows:

  • Slight changes in some levels: We have made a few changes to some levels (such as level 4) to make them more colorful. These changes do not change gaming experience too much.
  • Power-up sound effect added: As you might know, instant power-ups were a late addition to the game. Consequently there was no sound effect that let you know when you earned them (although the red flag suggested it). In this version we added this sound effect.
  • A bug in hit-explode item fixed: Previously, the hit-explode instant power-up didn’t work on hungry slimes (hungry slimes are the slimes who can eat). Instead, your ball was eaten even if you had this power-up. This bug is now fixed and hit-explode, works on every slime.
  • Some user-interface issues resolved: Namely the buttons on the bottom of screen had some issues if you touch-dragged them (which usually was not noticeable as users normally just tap them). We fixed this issue, too.

You can get the game here:

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We always appreciate your support and your feedback. If you find any bugs and/or have any suggestion or feature request, do not hesitate to contact us at