What’s New in Hungry Slimes?

Hungry Slimes

Update 1.0.7:

This update is a game changer! Up to this point, there had been many complaints about how hard and frustrating Hungry Slimes was. To be honest, these complaints were not far from truth. Even I could not go above level 18, having played for one month! This update made the game a lot easier by slightly reducing the explosion time. You can feel the difference with this slight change. The explosion time is still 1.25 sec while you have a power-up active. But otherwise it is now 1 sec. You will be surprised what a huge impact this has had on the gameplay.

Other than that, a new sophisticated level has been added to the game, and the game has 32 levels now. Our initial feedbacks from this version are good.

Update 1.0.2:

In this version we improved graphics in the user interface. These improvements involve mostly the buttons’ look. Besides that, there was an occasional hanging during the game, which was a result of a flaw in the usage of the physics system. This bug was also fixed in this version.

Another bug was with the level achievements (Level 20, Level 30, etc). These were not showing correctly once achieved. Although we were sure nobody had seen this flaw, we are committed to provide flawless games for our customers. Other than fixing this bug, levels were polished in this version and difficulties were tuned a bit.

Finally, the time limit was removed from the free version. Previously you could play for only six minutes into the game. This limit does not exist any more, as a consequence of our decision to add more features to the free version, so you can try the game even better and in a more convenient way.

Update 1.0.1:

Lately we received feedback from our customers and friends that the launcher control in Hungry Slimes is not consistent or convenient. This provoked us to change the game a bit. We now brought the launcher a bit higher, to avoid accidental touching of control buttons on the phone while playing. We also fixed the issue which caused difference in sensitivity between small and large screens. The controls are now stable and much more convenient.

If you already have Hungry Slimes installed on your device, consider updating it to the latest version, or follow this link to install the latest version:

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