Hungry Slimes Redefined!

Hungry Slimes Trophy

This weekend we will be releasing a major update for Hungry Slimes, which will revolutionize your gaming experience. Up to now, Hungry Slimes was just a simple galaxy-invaders style game mixed with a taste of physics. With the coming update, there is now much more to it! In this article I will brief the new features of the game.

Slime Points

Those who have played the game, know how hard it is to get the hungry slimes with the risk of your slime ball being eaten by them. Killing hungry slimes has been rewarded through higher score gains and an achievement called “Bomb Squad”. In the coming version of Hungry Slimes (version 1.5), they will be rewarded in a unique way.

A currency called “slime point” is added to the game, which you earn each time you kill a hungry slime. Collecting slime points is not like collecting scores. High scores are good, but slime points are worth something more!

Slime Shop

Once you collect enough slime points, you must pay a visit to the slime shop. Slime shop is what makes the game totally different than what it used to be. You can spend your slime points on various things:

  • Perks: These are passive power-ups which remain for one whole game. They help you pave your way through levels and high scores you could never get before. Beware that if you select a perk, it will be used in the game, and each time you play, will cost you the value of that specific perk. So be careful to leave the perk slot blank if you don’t wish to use any.
  • Trophies: Trophies are legendary pieces of art, worth thousands of slime points. You can show-off to your friends if you can afford to buy them, as they are really expensive. They might look useless for the game-play. But at some point you will need to buy them if you want ┬áto progress towards higher levels, as they each earn you an achievement required to unlock a certain window of levels.
  • Extras: Everything else is in this category. Currently there is only one game mode (Time Challenge) in this category. But this will change in the future and more stuff will be added here.
Slime Shop

This is just a brief description of the slime shop. Detailed descriptions will be given in future posts. Specifically perks need much more detail than what is given here.

Free for All

The real revolution lies in the fact that we have unlocked all features for both the free and the premium version. Now everyone can get what and all Hungry Slimes has to offer. But if you are a premium version owner, don’t worry to have lost your money. The cost of buying the premium version is repaid by slime points. The premium version comes with 500 slime points, which is half the value of a trophy! Current premium users will receive their 500 the first time they run the game after update.

Another thing is changed for premium users, and that is the Time Challenge mode is disabled by default. You need to buy it from the slime shop, which costs 150 slime points. But even after buying that you have 350 spare, which you can use to buy perks, or save to buy trophies later.

New Achievements

New achievements are added in relation to the new features. Buying each trophy will earn you an achievements. Saving a lot of slime points, or using some perks to play the game are other examples.

New Challenges

The game is no longer as horizontal as it used to be. It is indeed much more you can do now. An example of the new challenges is a new achievement called “Laser Tag” which involves using the perk “Laser”.

Laser Beam

Laser is a perk that when used, changes the way your slime ball blasts. In fact it never blasts. Instead, when the time comes, it emits a horizontal beam of laser in both directions. All the slimes on the line of the beam will be killed. This looks easy. But in fact it is pretty challenging. You know longer have the kick-back effect with laser. So you cannot just save time this way. And lining up your slime with others is pretty frustrating.

For all this, the achievement “Laser Tag” is a valuable achievement and is rewarded by 200 slime points. You can try when you think you have what it takes. The laser perk costs a few slime points, so it is not costly a try. But it is worth a lot of slime points.

Minor Changes

We made various speed improvements and fixed a few bugs in physics and graphics. There were also a few game-play bugs which are now resolved. We removed advertisements from QVGA and similar screens, as the game content is already too much for those. Hence users with these phones can enjoy the ad-free experience on the free version, but they will still have much less slime points than premium users.

You can download the game here:

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