Newest Hungry Slimes Updates

UPDATE 1.6.5:

Once version 1.6 was launched, we found a startup crash for android versions 2.2 and possibly 2.3. Version 1.6.5 resolves this issue. Here is the list of the changes in this version:

  • Startup crash fixed
  • How-to-Play screen replaced with animative in-game instructions (text instructions removed)
  • Achievements were not working properly in the free version, which is now resolved


  • The game became much smoother
  • 8 new levels added to the game
  • Menu animations improved
  • Some bug-fixes
  • You can now purchase slime points

Update 1.5.4:

This update comes with a few fixes, and two new levels. Here is a list of what changed in this version:


  • Two new levels are added. The game has 35 now levels
  • The first levels to have wind are added to the game
  • Some new user-interface animations added
  • Problem with saved music/audio preferences fixed
  • Some known in-game bugs fixed
  • Some performance improvements in the game engine
  • You can now move the game to SD card.


  • The French translation for perks changed (previously “armes”) to “talents”
  • AZERTY keyboard added for French