How Do Perks Work?

Perks in Hungry Slimes

In this post I am going to explain what perks are and how they can change your game experience in Hungry Slimes.

What is a perk?

We have borrowed the term “perk” from games like Call of Duty, where a perk is something other than your normal set of weapons, which gives you a certain capability. In fact what we had in mind about perks in Hungry Slimes had a similar story. That’s why we chose to use this name for them.

A perk in Hungry Slime is an ability you can choose among several options. Each perk changes your game in a unique way of its own. Some make your game easier, while some have other benefits. The selection of perks depends on your goal in the game in a certain time.

Choosing a Perk

Choosing a perk is easy. All you have to do is to go to the Slime Shop (the icon of the Slime Shop depicts a slime in a basket) and in the “perks” section of the shop. There you can see a large circular wooden frame, which looks exactly like this:

Perk Frame

Originally it is blank, as depicted in this picture. There are two arrow buttons on two sides of the frame. You can navigate using those buttons to select your desired perk. The perk showing inside the frame will be the perk used in your game. In the bottom of the frame you will see a description of the perk, as well as cost per play.

Once you see the picture and the description of a perk, there is no other action required to use the perk. You should just go back to the menu and start the game. As an indication of the activation of the perk, you can see its icon beside the icon of the Survival Mode. This is because perks are only available to play this game mode.

What do perks do?

What perks do is different for each perk. On the top of this post you can see the four perks currently available in the game. Here I will explain what each one does.

  1. Charisma: This perk is what I find the most fun perk in the game. It does make the game easier for you in one sense, but what I like is the laughter it brings to me. With this perk chosen, all the slimes follow the slime you shoot. The closer your slime gets, the faster they follow, as if you have put a slime magnet inside your slime ball. This can make the game easier, but keep in mind that when you fall down, they also follow you to the bottom line. So you should be a bit careful with that.
  2. Power: When I added this to the game, I was afraid this makes the game too easy. It actually does, but not enough to make it boring. It is like having a rest after having played it for a long time. Choosing this perk will make your explosions more powerful. Powerful enough to clear a whole level with 10 slimes with one blast in some cases. If you are looking to get the achievements “Boom” or “Megaboom”, it is very easy with this perk.
  3. Laser: This perk actually makes your game harder! That’s why it is much cheaper than the others. It replaces the explosion with just a beam of laser. Each time you shoot a slime, instead of exploding, it emits a horizontal laser beam. It only blasts the slimes on the laser line. You can imagine how frustrating it must be to clear levels this way. And you do not have the kick-back effect you have with explosion, meaning that you cannot kick them away with a low-level explosion like you might do normally when they get close. But if you are looking for the achievement “Laser Tag”, you have no other choice but using it.
  4. Shield: This is a blessing for all who hate the big hungry slimes who eat your slime balls. You simply cannot hit them except indirectly. But in Hungry Slimes 1.5 there is an option B, and that’s choosing this perk. It makes your slime shielded, and you know that shielded slimes cannot be eaten by anyone. So by choosing shield, hungry slimes are like normal slimes for you, with no special powers. Except they can still eat each other of course!

Playing around with different perks, while making the game more fun, helps you understand what’s told here better.

What is cost per play?

Playing with perks is not for free, as they may drastically make your game easy. The price of each perk varies depending on the power and usage of the perk. It is shown on a price tag, under the description of each perk. Once a perk is selected, each time you play the game, the price will be taken off your total slime points if you have it. Otherwise the perk will not be used. You can know this when you hear a cash register sound when you start the game. If you don’t have sufficient slime points for using the selected perk, it shows transparent in the game mode selection menu.

Slime Point Refund Policy

Imagine you have chosen a perk before and you don’t remember. Imagine that you also don’t pay attention to the perk icon when you are starting the game. Once you start, you hear the cash register sound and you find out you were wrong to start this game with such an expensive perk, while you are not even ready to make a legendary high score. In such case, our refund policy comes handy. Ten seconds into each game, you can quit and this will refund all slime points taken away from you for starting that game. It is just designed to avoid mistaken losses.


You can download the game Hungry Slimes from Google Play for free.

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