Game Development Days

When I started game development for Android, I had to learn a lot of things. The information out there were rather sparse and I often found it not easy for a person who has never done this before to compile them into a knowledge base. I have really wished to be able to help my fellow programmers. I thought of writing a book to teach what I have learned in this area. But I am no good writer and I am still learning myself. So I decided to start this page to share what I’ve learned with you.

I have released three game titles so far. This has taken me three years, most of which has been spent on learning and trying things. That’s why I want this to be much faster and easier for those who want to start from scratch. I share the knowledge I have gained during these three years with you. Below is a guide I have newly created in which I will describe how a very simple game engine can be made from scratch. That’s right! You will be creating a game engine with me.

I will organize this page so that it does not look like a mere blog, but a useful resource base for developers like myself who want a one-stop website to start their journey. During the development of this engine I try to provide some side information related to every part of the engine we make, so it can be useful even for those not particularly interested in the main goal. Feel free to pay me a visit there and if you like it, don’t forget to spread the word.