Christmas Gifts for You from Hungry Slimes

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It is Christmas time and we have not missed this chance to give you a gift! In fact we will keep giving you gifts from now on as Hungry Slimes has a new feature. You will now get bonus as you play. Perks, power-ups and achievements are what you might have already gotten used to and we thought maybe you would like to see more of the slimes. You now have the chance to win slime points, lives, and score boost just as you go. All you need is to touch a question mark with your slime ball. If you have played Star Hunt mode, you should already be familiar with this.

We have made another change in Hungry Slimes. Time Challenge mode used to be very boring and hardly anyone played it. We made this game mode a bit more challenging by first adding the bonus feature and second making it shorter. The traditional 10-minute has now decreased to 6. But it is still considered a very relaxed mode. One you only play to get used to the mechanics of the game. But it is at least a challenge now if you want to proceed to high levels as you would do in other game modes.