Bomb Squad – The Detonator

In this article I would like to write about the first boss in the gameĀ Bomb Squad.

Achmed the Detonator


In order to get to fight this boss, you need to complete all 5 levels of the first level cluster. Once the fifth level is finished, this encounter will be unlocked. Killing this boss will unlock the next cluster, with the second boss. We will talk about him in a future post.


This boss is a suicide bomber. He will follow you wherever you go in his lair, and once he reaches you, he will explode, causing an explosion with the range of 3 blocks (a bomberman style plus explosion). Once exploded, he will lose some life, and go back to pick up more ammo. While he is doing this, you have the time to position and place some bombs on his way back to you.

After picking up explosives, he begins to follow you again, and the same pattern is repeated. If you explode him with a bomb before he gets to you, you won;’t be harmed, but he will lose some life points and will have to go back to his explosives to pick some. The best way to fight this boss is to time your bomb so that you always get him right after he picks up explosives, so he never reaches you.

There is another difficulty in this encounter. All the walls around can be demolished, and beyond each are chambers with suicide bombers. Exploding each part of the wall releases a suicide bomber or two. Causing chain explosions in this level might not be a good idea as it might overwhelm you with suicide bombers and you eventually lose the game, or get “one-shot”.


We have named this boss “Achmed the Detonator”. As this name with this form is stereotypically used to depict terrorists in comedies, we have chosen it to represent our first boss, who is a very powerful Suicide Bomber. We do not mean to offend any group, and the name Achmed in this form is not a real name for a person in any culture that we know of.