Bomb Squad – Lieutenant Chase

This article covers the third boss encounter inĀ Bomb Squad.

Achmed the Detonator


In order to get to fight this boss for the first time, you need to complete all 5 levels of the tird level cluster. Killing this boss will unlock the next cluster, with the fourth boss.

The boss level for this boss does not begin with the boss. Instead you have to go through a small platform with three kinds of enemies to reach the boss.


This boss encounter is not as easy as the ones you had before. Because your movement in the lair is limited. Again, like the previous boss, you cannot exit the platform as this causes him to gain health, and all your efforts to be in vain.

When you find your way into the lair, you see a ground covered thoroughly by land mines. The good news is they are all disabled (the light is off, so they don’t work). So you have some time to enter into the lair. You can also see Chase walking towards you. He can’t harm you by himself. So don’t be afraid to touch him. After a few seconds suddenly one fifth of the land mines are activated. You should be careful not to walk on activated mines, or you will lose some health as they explode.

Lieutenant Chase follows a fixed path around the lair, and you should anticipate his path and place bombs on your way. But you cannot walk as fast as he does, because the land mines impede you. Each few seconds he deactivates the previously activated land mines and activates another group. So timing and anticipation is very important for this boss, if you don’t want to be surprised. You must know a few rules about this encounter:

  • The land mine under your feet will never be activated. So if you stay put, you shall be fun. You won’t win though of course.
  • Chase is a pro. So he can walk on activated land mines without being harm.
  • The interval for land mine switches is originally fixed. But as Chase loses health, it becomes a bit faster. But not too fast so you lose focus.
  • Exploding a land mine will eliminate it from the scene. But you don’t have enough health to sweep all land mines.

Once you get used to these mechanics, you can easily defeat this boss, and move on to the tougher cluster and the encounter with Doctor Reaper!


Chase was a name I recently read in a book, and I really liked it. Hence I put the name on this boss. And putting Lieutenant before his name is just to indicate his military background. He is a treacherous member of the military who is specialized in land mines.

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