Bomb Squad – Bomb Master

This article covers the second and fifth boss encounters in Bomb Squad, which involve the same boss, with some differences in abilities and fight mechanics.

Bomb Master Jay


In order to get to fight this boss for the first time, you need to complete all 5 levels of the second level cluster, which again requires you to have finished all the levels in the first cluster, including the boss. Killing this boss will unlock the next cluster, with the third boss.

You will meet this boss again at the end of cluster 5. I will explain both fights in this post.

Unlike Achmed the Detonator, the boss levels for this boss do not begin with the boss. Instead you have to go through a small platform to reach the boss.

First Encounter

This boss is a bomber, just like you. Well, not exactly! Firstly, he is not rational and secondly he has an infinite capacity of bombs. As soon as the fight starts, he begins to walk around his lair, planting bombs on his way. Once all the room is filled with bombs, he walks back to the middle of the lair, and triggers all the bombs. This is the time you don’t want to be caught up in the middle of the lair! Or it is the end …

The mechanics of the first encounter is simple. You should always walk ahead of Jay, planting bombs to make chain explosion with his bombs. You should kill him using his own bombs! But you should be careful as his bombs are very powerful (5 blocks plus explosion each). So a large chain explosion can be lethal. Try not to let too many bombs remain on the lair at a time. Always leave some chain explosion blind spot you can go.

Try not to walk out of the lair while in this encounter. Walking out will cause the boss to gain health very fast. So stay and fight until you get him.

Once he reaches 25% health, he will stop planting bombs. At this point the fight is over. But the level is not! He walks to the top-left corner of the lair, and plants a C-13 bomb (a time-bomb) and then escapes. You should be quick to disarm this bomb, or you will lose this level, despite having succeeded in beating the boss.

Second Encounter

The mechanics of the second encounter are similar to the first one with a few exceptions. Firstly, the boss has more health in this fight. Other than that, he has a gun! So don’t walk in front of him at any time, or he will shoot you! While in the first encounter he is basically a bomber, in the second encounter he is a bomber and a patrol combined.

The fight begins as before. He starts to plant bombs. But this time he will have a different pattern. So beware. You should still use chain explosions to give damage to him. But this time, he has four time-bombs handy. And what’s more, he will plant them in the middle of the fight, not at the end! When he reaches 40% of health, he will walk to the four corners of the lair and plant a bomb at each corner. You should be really quick and disarm them one by one. You won’t have time to wait until they are all planted.

Once the four bombs are disarmed, the fight continues as before (bombs and a gun), until you score the kill. Bomb Master Jay will die in the second encounter.


The naming didn’t take a lot of time, as I just picked the very first name that came to my mind, that looks cool with the title “Bomb Master”. Jay!

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